Pathfinder - Of Men and Kings

27th of Calistril, 4713

from the Journal of Hemya Qazi Handoo

I was lucky today. I was bitten by the largest spider ever. I had heard stories of spiders the size of cattle, but never expected to attacked by one. It is still a mystery to me how the creature managed to creep upon us so stealthily. The extensive bone graveyard that surrounded the creature’s lair had captured our attention and imagination.

Even though I seem to have weathered the poison it injected me with, my all muscles ache tremendously. At least, I do not feel like I am on fire anymore.

The spider retreated into a shaft covered with thick spider webbing, which we believed was its lair. We found a few more carcasses, one of them belonging to man who was part of Kressel’s bandits. He had in his possession, some kind of map, with a tree that looked like a claw drawn in blood on it, with an X under its roots.

We decided it was best to return to the outpost for today. If anything Svetlana’s stew makes me feel better.



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