Pathfinder - Of Men and Kings

6th of Pharast, 4713

from the Journal of Hemya Qazi Handoo

We headed east today, deeper into the Kamelands. After a a few hours of traveling, we spotted the corpse of a deceased kobold. This was the first of many we have found in the snow. We also found some dead mites, horrible fey creatures who resemble miniature deformed elves. The one landmark that stands out in the area is a 100 foot tall sycamore tree on the top of a hill.

Within its gnarly roots was a secret entrance that led into the mites lair. It nearly became our tomb. We charged in and after a very minor victory, we boldly went deeper, drunk on our success. Due to a grave miscalculation on our behalf, we found ourselves fighting in a cave meant for smallfold, five to one. Only through sheer luck, and determination did we succeed against these vile creatures, though not without severe injury to all of us.

Once we correctly believed we have secured our victory, we explored the lair some more, and found a kobold warrior called Mikmek who was held prisoner. He (is it a he?) is quick to express his gratitude and beseeches us to help him find the holy statue of Sharptooth. We had found the statue a few minutes earlier returned it to the little guy. The comical sight of Mikmek dancing alleviates the pain for a second.

We just finished setting up camp and we will set course for the Sootscale tribe tomorrow.



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