Pathfinder - Of Men and Kings

7th of Pharast, 4713

from the Journal of Hemya Qazi Handoo

Once again, Anja took care of all our wounds. This is the third night that she spends in Takuma’s bedroll, cuddling with him at night. He certainly does not seem to mind.

We rode by horseback for two hours, until we arrived at the Sootscale tribe. They seemed to have made their lair in an old silver mine. We were a bit nervous, not knowing exactly what to expect. We had deduced that their shaman Tartuk is terrorizing the entire tribe, possibly being the reason why they have been acting irrationally of late. Upon returning the statue to Chief Sootscale himself, he smashed it to the ground, claiming we freed him from some curse. With renewed hope, Sootscale asked us to join him to rid his tribe of Tartuk and we took on the shaman, head on.

Today, we have made friends with a tribe of kobolds. I wonder what the future has in store for us.



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