Pathfinder - Of Men and Kings

7th of Pharast, 4713
from the Journal of Hemya Qazi Handoo

Once again, Anja took care of all our wounds. This is the third night that she spends in Takuma’s bedroll, cuddling with him at night. He certainly does not seem to mind.

We rode by horseback for two hours, until we arrived at the Sootscale tribe. They seemed to have made their lair in an old silver mine. We were a bit nervous, not knowing exactly what to expect. We had deduced that their shaman Tartuk is terrorizing the entire tribe, possibly being the reason why they have been acting irrationally of late. Upon returning the statue to Chief Sootscale himself, he smashed it to the ground, claiming we freed him from some curse. With renewed hope, Sootscale asked us to join him to rid his tribe of Tartuk and we took on the shaman, head on.

Today, we have made friends with a tribe of kobolds. I wonder what the future has in store for us.

6th of Pharast, 4713
from the Journal of Hemya Qazi Handoo

We headed east today, deeper into the Kamelands. After a a few hours of traveling, we spotted the corpse of a deceased kobold. This was the first of many we have found in the snow. We also found some dead mites, horrible fey creatures who resemble miniature deformed elves. The one landmark that stands out in the area is a 100 foot tall sycamore tree on the top of a hill.

Within its gnarly roots was a secret entrance that led into the mites lair. It nearly became our tomb. We charged in and after a very minor victory, we boldly went deeper, drunk on our success. Due to a grave miscalculation on our behalf, we found ourselves fighting in a cave meant for smallfold, five to one. Only through sheer luck, and determination did we succeed against these vile creatures, though not without severe injury to all of us.

Once we correctly believed we have secured our victory, we explored the lair some more, and found a kobold warrior called Mikmek who was held prisoner. He (is it a he?) is quick to express his gratitude and beseeches us to help him find the holy statue of Sharptooth. We had found the statue a few minutes earlier returned it to the little guy. The comical sight of Mikmek dancing alleviates the pain for a second.

We just finished setting up camp and we will set course for the Sootscale tribe tomorrow.

5th of Pharast, 4713
from the Journal of Hemya Qazi Handoo

I do not know if we should worry. During the night, while keeping watch during the last hours of the night, I thought I saw something around Takuma’s backpack. Takuma looked inside his bag and everything was there – neatly organized.

We followed the end of the forest that borders the Kamelands and were attacked by a small dragon-like creature Anja call a Tatzlwyrm. It came out from a tree and simply lunged at us. We defeated the beast after a few short moments of combat and Valeria took its head as a prize. I think it would look grand mounted somewhere like the Trading Post.

We continued exploring for the rest of the day and found a rickety bridge, that would likely get us killed if we tried to cross it.

4th of Pharast, 4713
from the Journal of Hemya Qazi Handoo

To say that last night was interesting is somewhat of an understatement. The temperature dropped incredibly fast and the winds were howling throughout the night. In order to keep as warm as possible, we doubled up in our bedrolls. I spent the night with Takuma, though I could literally feel the situation was more than a little awkward for him. I guess having a nude young woman pressed against your skin would have that kind of effect on any warm-blooded man.

Morning came and the weather was a lot more clement. Anja woke up a little grumpy, claiming that Valeria was fidgeting all-night, who quickly denied the accusations. I teased Anja, flaunting the fact that I spent a lovely night. I should have kept my mouth shut, as Anja declared that she was going to spend tonight with him. My master always said “You reap what you sow”. In retrospect, I wonder why I teased her that way.

We explored throughout the day, and found what we believe to be the River Thorne, which we know leads into the camp of the defeated bandits.

3rd of Pharast, 4713
from the Journal of Hemya Qazi Handoo

Today would have started uneventfully, if not for the small cave we found. It was actually a welcome find, as we had a bit of shelter from the wind.

The entrance of the cave is a crevice only 5 feet wide, in a rocky mound, but the passage goes down a good 20 feet and leads to a cave around 30 feet wide. There is some kind of glittery mineral on the rock walls and Takuma saw fit to take a small sample using the butt from his dagger.

Valeria’s expression is priceless as he hits the wall with it, as if she expected the whole cave to suddenly collapse upon her. She is perhaps one of these people who are not comfortable with closed spaces.

I have noticed we have established a familiar pattern regarding distribution of tasks. I collect firewood to keep us warm, Anja prepare our meals, Takuma takes care of the horses and Valeria prepares the camp site. While winter is nearly over, Anja warns us that she believes a blizzard is coming our way. As we were about to make our way into the cave to get some shelter, Anja now worries for the horses. Takuma and Valeria painstakingly manage to coax the beasts to enter the dark cave. It should be an interesting night.

2nd of Pharast, 4713
from the Journal of Hemya Qazi Handoo

Fortune smiles upon us again. We have stumbled upon the tree from the thief’s map. I have to admit, it was not too hard to find, when there is not a single tree within a mile or so from it. Lightning must have struck it hundreds of time, judging by its current condition.

We dug under its roots however we could and shortly after, we found some items wrapped in leather.

After finding the oak weird tree, we find enrolled in a leather pouch the following items:

  • a dagger crafted by a smith of great skill.
  • some kind of wand. Anja will try to identify it when she has a moment.
  • a silver ring.
  • the remains of a heavily water damaged spellbook. As it is no use to anyone but Anja, we let her take it immediately.

These are certainly odd items for a thief to have.

1st of Pharast, 4713
from the Journal of Hemya Qazi Handoo

A pleasant surprise was waiting for us when we arrived back at Oleg’s. The swordlords of Restov sent us 400 gold pieces, wrapped within a blue silk hankerchief tied by a blue ribbon bearing a wax seal of Brevoy. A reward for the wanted bandits that we captured.

Valeria also commented to me and Takuma this was doubly good sign: we could trust Oleg and Svetlana.

We will depart again tomorrow morning to find the kobolds in the Kamelands.

28th of Calistril, 4713
from the Journal of Hemya Qazi Handoo

We sent out for the Kamelands, hoping to find out what is agitating the tribe of the Sootscale kobolds. Our understanding is that they usually do not bother anyone, but they have been increasingly aggressive of late. As this was to be our longest expedition away from the outpost, we took more supplies.

Shortly before stopping for the night, however, we were attacked by a pair of angry boars. The beasts clearly felt we had encroached on their territory. The sight of their massive charging bodies, armed with large tusks sent a small chill down my spine.

The beasts provided around 200 pounds of fresh meat. The cold weather will help preserve the meat as we return once again to Oleg’s.

27th of Calistril, 4713
from the Journal of Hemya Qazi Handoo

I was lucky today. I was bitten by the largest spider ever. I had heard stories of spiders the size of cattle, but never expected to attacked by one. It is still a mystery to me how the creature managed to creep upon us so stealthily. The extensive bone graveyard that surrounded the creature’s lair had captured our attention and imagination.

Even though I seem to have weathered the poison it injected me with, my all muscles ache tremendously. At least, I do not feel like I am on fire anymore.

The spider retreated into a shaft covered with thick spider webbing, which we believed was its lair. We found a few more carcasses, one of them belonging to man who was part of Kressel’s bandits. He had in his possession, some kind of map, with a tree that looked like a claw drawn in blood on it, with an X under its roots.

We decided it was best to return to the outpost for today. If anything Svetlana’s stew makes me feel better.

26th of Calistril, 4713
from the Journal of Hemya Qazi Handoo

We found today Bokken’s hut. The smells from his hut were confounding my senses of smell and it took a good two hours before I could smell normally.

Bokken is an old and quite mad hermit might I say. His social manners leave a lot to desire. However, he begs (commands?) us to get him a bushel’s worth of Fangberries. Anja seems to know what kind of fruit he is talking about. We make note of his request and will honor it if we can.


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