Anja the Wolf-Witch

Anja the Wolf-Witch
Character Vital Statistics
Species Human, Ulfen
Sex Female
Age 18
Height 5’8"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair White
Eyes Steel Blue
Homeland Kalsgard, Land of the Linnorm Kings
Familiar Geri
Professional Companion Valeria Karadin
Companion Takuma Kohaku
Companion Hemya Qazi Handoo
Other Friend Kieyanna
Friend Vaik
Additional Character Information
type Non-Player Character
Class Witch 1
Alignement Chaotic Good
Character Sheet

She was not always known as Anja the Wolf-Witch. This young girl, who now lives in a hut close to Kalsgard, was once Anja Haidsdotter, from Trollheim near the border of Irrisen. She was born under the skies bearing omens of great destiny, just after a blizzard that covered the entire region with snow. Though she was always the odd child with hair as white as snow, she started to display unusual abilities with the onset of puberty. First came Geri, a raven that now follows her everywhere. There are some who contend that it can speak, though none can prove it. She has been seen arguing with it, further demonstrating her madness. There have been instances of her touch soothing wounds as if they were inexistent. While she grew more secretive as the days passed, spending time with that raven of hers, always she remained cheerful, helpful and full of life.

Days before her 16th birthday, the forces of Irrisen attacked for the 37th time since she was born. More than one has whispered that the Winter Witches were attempting to lay claim to Anja, but none dared to voice it openly, for fear that if she was really a jadwiga, she would lay a terrible curse upon them. Some villages would have disposed of Anja outright, drowning her or worse, but Freyr Darkwine would not never permitted it or left it unpunished. She was from Trollheim and Trollheim would never bow to Irrisen, nor live in fear of it. During the attack she did as she always did: fetched the pails of water to fight the fires and help the wounded. While strong and agile, she proved unsuited to taking up any kind of martial weapon. This last attack was very different, however. Many of the wounded Ulfen warriors were able to get back up and continue fighting, their wounds gone. Score of Frostfur tribe goblins inexplicably halted their attacks one after the other, becoming easy marks for the seasoned warriors. Anja was always seen close by when such occurrences happened.

It all changed when Anja found her mother, lying motionless under the paw of a large winter wolf. It bared its bloodied fangs towards here, frost forming from the breath it exhaled. Its muscles tensed as it prepared to leap on the young girl. The rest is a little vague to Anja, but she remembers being overtaken by a great anger like never she felt. Some claim to have seen her when she shouted in a strange voice “I Curse Thee” at the dire wolf with her arms extended, before it slowed down and collapsed at her feet. A great clap of thunder resounded throughout a clear sky at that moment, bringing her back to her senses. Irrisen knew that instant she would never be theirs and its forces retreated once more.

Most people from Trollheim avoided her from that moment on. She gave her mother a proper funeral and from the carcass of her mother’s murderer, she fashioned a heavy fur cloak, with white rabbit fur, and with its former head now crowning hers. She was now, Anja the Wolf-Witch. It became a warning: Irrisen beware.

Mere days after all this she took the few possessions she had left and departed for Kalsgard, where she settled. It took time for people to interact with her, and many are still wary about the young witch, but she does not let that bother too much. She knows she has these powers for a reason and she will use them to help others.

Anja is a tall, strong and healthy Ulfen woman, now of the ripe age of 18. She wears her hair up, but there are always some rogue curl or another that manages to escape. Most people notice at first her steel blue eyes, white hair and rosie lips. But under the heavy white wolf cloak from which she takes her name, lays a very warm, welcoming and ample bosomed body. She typically wears a dark blue Varisian bodice, some old green Chelaxian heavy cotton trousers that have been patched up, and Ulfen boots. Most Ulfen are wary of her, but her charms have not been lost on foreigners, both male and female.

Anja the Wolf-Witch

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