Takuma Kohaku

Takuma Kohaku
Character Vital Statistics
Species Human, Tian
Sex Male
Age 19
Height 6’0"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Homeland Absalom
Family Father Kousei Kohaku
Mother Kasumi Kohaku
Sister Ryoko Kohaku
Professional Companion Valeria Karadin
Companion Anja the Wolf-Witch
Companion Hemya Qazi Handoo
Other Friend Kieyanna
Friend Vaik
Additional Character Information
type Player Character
Class Fighter 1
Alignement Neutral Good
Character Sheet Takuma Kohaku

Takuma was born in Absalom being the 4th generation of his family established there. From a young age his Grandfather, Ryoga, taught him how to survive in the outside as well as how to ride & how to care about his animals. His father, Kousei, taught him all he knew of how to fight, to be a soldier and the basic knowledge of how to establish fortifications.

When he reached his teenage years he started following his father acting as a junior guard, protecting caravans and learning the real life of a soldier on the job.

When he reached the age of adulthood Takuma had a long conversation with his father about joining the army. After a few days of consideration, he felt that the army life would be too strict for him, enforcing a regular coat of armor & arms identical for everyone. Being very proud of his father’s teaching, performing in such a way, he felt would not honor his father for all his efforts and imparted knowledge.

So for the foreseeable future Takuma is staying on as a guard waiting for a better opportunity of growth, as a man, as much as a fighting man.



His mother, Kasumi, works from home as a seamstress.
His younger sister Ryoko, who’s now 15, still lives at home.

See Kohaku Family for more information.

Adventuring Party

Takuma Kohaku

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