Valeria Karadin

Valeria is the illegitimate daughter of Moritian Merrion, a very minor noble in Taldor, and of Noravia Karadin, a Cheliaxian servant girl. She grew up without the acknowledgement of her father, or any favors that she as aware of. Over the years, she has learned that she has at least 5 half-sisters, with four of them also illegitimate with different mothers, including an older half-elf young woman Kieyanna, who became Valeria’s closest friend and mentor. Where most girls her age would concern themselves with looking proper and finding a suitable husband, she dreams of adventure, battle and glory. This is not to say that Valeria is completely without a feminine side. It just means she is a young spirited girl who seeks to leave her mark on the world, as many heroes have before her.

Kieyanna, who had been on a few adventures of her own, took it upon herself to teach her craft to the young girl, when she was of age: The art of the sword. While she was strong and had great potential, she took years to master what skills she possesses today. Training was hard, but ultimately paid off. In mock fight, she defeated most men of her age and more than one seasoned warriors as well. This causes her mother ceaseless worry however, who is terrified that her daughter will get injured or worse.

As of last month, Kieyanna got married, to Vaik, a man who was her comrade-at-arms during her adventures. Valeria was somewhat devastated when she learned Kieyanna would be moving to Absalom, but was surprised when she found out that Vaik had spent a small fortune to acquire her armor and weapons as a parting gift. “You are always welcome in our home, Valeria. But I believe the world should first meet one of its finest knights.” Valeria spent the last month preparing her mother for her departure, and left recently her home in search of proving herself to the world.
Valeria is a lovely tall woman with broad shoulders and a strong physique, comparable to that of Ulfen women. She normally keeps her raven hair tied in a ponytail. Unless impractical or improper, she wears her breastplate armor when travelling. She possesses the regal bearing of someone who is sure of herself, ready to take on any challenge. She is normally very friendly, but disrespect towards her can quickly earn her enmity.



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Valeria Karadin

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