Of Men and Kings

Of Men and Kings is a Pathfinder Kingmaker campaign, set in the Stolen Lands, where the heroes received a charter from Brevoy to explore the region, while clearing out monsters and bandits.

Current Players

Player Name Species Class
Yves Dorval Takuma Kohaku Male Human Fighter
Sebastien Houde Hemya Qazi Handoo Female Human Monk

Campaign Specifics

This is a campaign destined for mature individuals. It will contain strong elements of violence, sexuality and coarse language. Additional campaign specifics are as follows:


All non-evil character alignments are permitted. Characters who voluntarily become evil will be transferred to the GameMaster’s control. Some classes do have alignment restrictions that must be respected.


All core player races are permitted. Additional player races found in the Advanced Race Guide are subject to GameMaster approval.


All core classes, base classes and alternate classes are currently accepted. Specific Archetypes are subject to GameMaster approval. It is important that players play the class that they wish and not what they believe is missing from the group. I would rather have multiple individuals of the same class because they want to play that class than having someone who can’t play want they want because someone else is already doing so.

Base Abilities and Hitpoints

Instead of rolling for your base abilities, you will use the following row:

These are the raw abilities, before being modified by racial modifiers. As this is an incredibly (if not absurdly) powerful row, the usual re-roll 1s for hit points house rule is revoked. All hit points will be rolled in the presence of the GameMaster.

Character Assets

Depending on your starting character class, you will have a certain amount of funds available to you. Use the table below to determine what funds are available to you.

1d6x10 2d6x10 3d6x10 4d6x10 5d6x10
50gp 100gp 150gp 200gp 250gp

Your character may purchase any item it can afford. Please remember your character is entitled to 1 set of free clothing (up to a value of 10gp). If you are seeking a price for an item that is unlisted, please consult with the GameMaster. Some items may be uncommon and difficult to acquire after the campaign has begun.

RPG Ressources

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