Pathfinder - Of Men and Kings

3rd of Pharast, 4713

from the Journal of Hemya Qazi Handoo

Today would have started uneventfully, if not for the small cave we found. It was actually a welcome find, as we had a bit of shelter from the wind.

The entrance of the cave is a crevice only 5 feet wide, in a rocky mound, but the passage goes down a good 20 feet and leads to a cave around 30 feet wide. There is some kind of glittery mineral on the rock walls and Takuma saw fit to take a small sample using the butt from his dagger.

Valeria’s expression is priceless as he hits the wall with it, as if she expected the whole cave to suddenly collapse upon her. She is perhaps one of these people who are not comfortable with closed spaces.

I have noticed we have established a familiar pattern regarding distribution of tasks. I collect firewood to keep us warm, Anja prepare our meals, Takuma takes care of the horses and Valeria prepares the camp site. While winter is nearly over, Anja warns us that she believes a blizzard is coming our way. As we were about to make our way into the cave to get some shelter, Anja now worries for the horses. Takuma and Valeria painstakingly manage to coax the beasts to enter the dark cave. It should be an interesting night.



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